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How To Make An Origami Jumping Frog? (Solved)

To construct a basic origami frog, follow the steps below.

  • Steps Place the paper on the table in front of you so that it is flat. Fold it into a triangle by bringing one corner of the paper to the other corner of the paper. Fold it in half again to create a triangle that is half the size of the original. After that, unfold this section. At order to meet in the center of the bottom edge, fold the bottom two corners inward. Change the side of the paper. Fold the edges together so that they meet in the centre.

How do you make a jumping frog?


  1. Trace and cut a circle for the frog’s body from construction paper. Draw half-heart shapes on the folded edge of a sheet of green paper (or use the same shade of green as you used for the body) by folding it in half and tracing around the edge. Attach the legs to the body using glue. Dotty up your frog with a dotter or marker, then stick on some googly eyes to finish it out.

How do origami frogs jump?

Once the frog is folded, use the tip of your finger to push down on the folded “legs,” then rapidly slip your finger off to make the frog jump. According to how firmly you press the legs down, you might be able to get the origami frog to perform a flawless flip in the air and land on its feet once again after you fold it.

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Are frogs in Minecraft?

Tropical frogs, snowy frogs, and swamp frogs are the three varieties of frogs found in Minecraft, each of which inhabits a distinct biome. Agnes Larsson, the game director for Minecraft, revealed during a Minecraft Live webcast that each frog version will have a distinct attribute and would be useful to the player in some manner.

How do you craft a frog?

2 of 4: Folding the Frog’s Front Legs (Part 2 of 4)

  1. Fold the sheet of paper in half and pinch the edges together to make a triangle. To begin, fold one triangle corner upward.
  2. Next, fold the opposing triangle corner upward.
  3. Draw a diagonal line from the right corner of the diamond inward. The left corner of the diamond should be pushed inward. Make the frog’s front legs out of paper.

How do you make a paper mache frog?

They will be completely covered by the clay.

  1. Masking tape and crumpled paper Tape Shape of a frog. Wrap one long wire around the frog’s chest, right below the “chin,” and secure it with tape. Addition of the Front Legs.
  2. Making the Toes.
  3. Addition of the Back Legs.
  4. Filling Out the Legs with Aluminum Foil.
  5. Addition of the Clay to the Frog.
  6. Sanding the Clay to Create the Frog Bumps.
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