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Why Did Magus Turn Glen Into Frog? (Best solution)

Glenn (, Guren?) was his given name in real life. He was most likely a squire under Cyrus, a knight in the service of Guardia’s royal family, and a member of the royal household. Glenn was changed into an anthropomorphic frog as a result of Cyrus’s murder at the hands of Magus.
What caused Glenn to transform into a frog?

  • The attempt of Glenn to get revenge on his friend ended in failure when he was struck by one of Magus’ spells and converted into an anthropomorphic Frog. When he attempted to summon Lavos during the conflict, while the Mystics believed he was doing so to aid them in winning the war, Magus’ true goals were to summon Lavos in order to exact vengeance on the Mystics for their actions.

Is Glenn from Chrono Cross Frog?

Glenn (, Guren?) may refer to one of the following characters: Glenn (Chrono Trigger), the human version of Frog. Glenn (Chrono Cross) is a character that may be controlled in the game Chrono Cross.

Does Frog turn back into a human?

After killing Lavos, Magus’ magic begins to wear off, and Frog reverts to his former self, Glenn, who is a towering, imposing man. This is due to the fact that he became 10 years older while in his fiendish form.

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What is Frog’s real name in Chrono Trigger?

Frog. Frog is an anthropomorphic frog knight from the Middle Ages who fights for his kingdom against evil. According to Japanese documents, he is referred to as Kaeru (literally, “Frog”). In his human form, Glenn, he was a buddy of the late heroic knight Cyrus and a descendant of his lineage.

Does Frog kill Magus?

There is just one answer. In the event that you encounter Magus in the Noth Cape with Frog in a face-to-face combat, either sparing him or killing him would result in this ending after beating Lavos, as seen below. Furthermore, whether he is killed or not makes a small difference to the concluding scene, although in both situations Frog returns to his human form.

How do I get Frog in Chrono Trigger?

To obtain the Hero Medal, travel to Tata’s residence in Porre and speak with Tata about it. After that, head to the Cursed Woods and speak with Frog.

What happened to Frog after Chrono Trigger?

If you defeat Lavos after delivering the Masamune to Frog, but before battling Magus, the final sequence will begin at Lucca’s House, and the game will finish. The gang will hold a celebration to commemorate their triumph against Lavos. Frog sneaks out of the party in the middle of it, claiming he has unfinished business with the other guests. Afterwards, the action takes place in Magus’ Castle.

Is Chrono Trigger an anime?

The Chrono Trigger Anime (also known as the Chrono Trigger OVA or Jik Bken Nmamonjaa) was a 16-minute promotional video that was shown exclusively during the V Jump Festival in 1996 to promote the video game Chrono Trigger. The anime begins in an unfamiliar location at an unfamiliar time. If you’re a fan of the Chrono Trigger video game series, you should certainly check out the Chrono Trigger anime.

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What is lavos Chrono Trigger?

This alien parasite, which crashed into the Earth 65,000,000 years ago and was named “Lavos” by Ayla, is the final boss of Chrono Trigger. Lavos is a combination of the Iokan words “La” meaning “fire” and “Vos” meaning “big,” and it is the final boss of the game. Lavos is the final boss of Chrono Trigger.

Where does frog live Chrono Trigger?

A woodland that appears in Chrono Trigger during the Middle Ages, northwest of Porre, it is known as Cursed Woods (, Frog Monster’s Woods? ). A single Nu may be found in the area, as well as Edible Frogs and Fangtooths. The frog lives in a secret cave deep into the forest, out of sight and out of mind. The Masamune’s Broken Hilt may be found in this location.

Who is the best character in Chrono Trigger?

When it comes to the top Chrono Trigger characters, no one quite compares to the game’s protagonist, Crono, which is fortunate because he is needed to remain in your team for the most of the game’s duration..

How many playable characters are in Chrono Cross?

Characters who can be controlled. There are a total of 45 characters that may be controlled throughout the game. While some characters join the game automatically as the story continues, others become playable only as a result of the player’s decisions.

What happens if you don’t fight Magus?

If Frog or the rest of the party decides not to battle Magus, he becomes a member of the group. It is the second boss encounter against Magus that will take place if Frog or the rest of the group accepts his offer.

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Is Janus a magus?

Originally, Magus was born in the year 12,000 BC as Janus (, Jaki?, “Jaki” in the Japanese version), a youthful prince of Zeal who grew up to be a powerful ruler. He is particularly adamant on assassinating Lavos and locating his older sister, Schala.

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