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Doodle God How To Make Lizard? (Best solution)

Lizard is created by combining the ingredients Egg and Swamp.

How do you make animals on Doodle God?

Create a new animal by combining a cat and a dog.

How do you make a turtle in Doodle God?

Turtle is created by combining Egg and Sand.

How do you make swamp in Doodle God?

Swamps are created by combining dirt and water.

How do you make a dragon in Doodle God?

Dragons are created by combining dinosaurs with fire. To make a dragon, combine the elements of air and dinosaur.

How do you make a snake on Doodle God?

Snake is created by combining swamp and worm.

How do you make a car on Doodle God?

Cart and oil are combined to form the vehicle.

How do you make Hunter in Doodle God?

Hunter is created by combining a human and a weapon.

How do you make dolphin in Doodle God?

Hunter is made by combining a human with a weapon.

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How do you make soul in Doodle God?

Soul can be formed by combining one or more of the following elements:

  1. To produce a soul, combine demon and human elements
  2. to generate a soul, combine fire and witch elements. Combine the elements of corpse and light to make soul.

How do you make a grape in Doodle God?


  1. Grape is made by combining an apple with a flower. When you combine hangover with rage, you get grape.

How do you make darkness on Doodle God?

Darkness may be created by combining imp and light.

How do you make poison in Doodle God?


  1. To make poison, combine the mushroom with the equipment. To make poison, combine a snake with several instruments.

How do you make Corpse in Doodle God?


  1. Corpses may be created by combining alcohol and automobiles. Assassin and humans can also be combined to make corpses. Humans and poison can be used to generate corpses. Create a corpse by combining human and warrior parts. In order to produce a corpse, combine assassin and warrior. In order to make a corpse, combine fire and a person. In order to generate a corpse, combine debt and a firearm.
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