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How Much Does A Dragon Lizard Cost? (Correct answer)

Bearded dragons may range in price from $40 to $900 depending on their size. Color and morph are the two most crucial elements to consider. Bearded dragons for sale may be found through pet stores, private breeders, and reptile expos, among other places.
Costs per month range between $50 and $100.

Item Price (USD)
Vegetables (some fruits too) $15 – $30
Electricity $10 – $15
Total $50 – $105

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Are dragon lizards good pets?

They are excellent family pets for children. Bearded dragons make ideal family pets for children of all ages. They are often considered to be calm and gentle beings. Children will be able to learn how to deal with them and will form a deep attachment with them over time. Although it is simple to care for them, they require frequent food, attention, and maintenance.

How much does it cost to have a bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons are very inexpensive pets that may be obtained from a pet store or breeder for $60 – $100. The initial setup will cost between $200 and $400, depending on your location. A yearly veterinarian appointment can cost up to $75, while food costs around $35 per month on average. During the first year of ownership, the overall investment will vary between $600-$800 in terms of money.

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How much does it cost to get a lizard?

An average lizard may be purchased for between $15 to $150, which is a decent price in most cases. The following is an approximate estimate of the expenditures associated with reptile ownership. Depending on where you live and how much you spend on health care and equipment, your expenses will differ from area to region and even from shop to store.

Is a bearded dragon worth it?

Docile, kind, and social in nature. If you’re searching for a reptile that is easy-going and pleasant, the time and work that goes into caring for a bearded dragon is well worth the effort. As a result of their good-natured character and moderate temperament, bearded dragons are regarded to be among the greatest reptile pets available.

Do Beardies like kids?

They are submissive. Beardies are inherently meek and submissive. When you combine it with the fact that they truly like human connection, they make excellent companions for children. They are not known to bite, scratch, or do any other harm to humans. Once they’ve been socialized, they’re kind, entertaining, and quite easy to manage.

Does a bearded dragon bite hurt?

A bite from a baby or a juvenile bearded dragon is unlikely to cause much discomfort since their jaws do not have as much strength as they have at this stage. Their bite will most likely not even cause a crack in the skin. A bearded dragon bite may bleed and sting for a short period of time, but it should not be cause for concern.

Do bearded dragons stink?

Due to the lack of strength in their jaws at this stage, a bite from a newborn or juvenile bearded dragon is unlikely to cause much discomfort. Even if they do bite you, they are unlikely to cause any damage. Despite the fact that the bite of a bearded dragon may bleed and hurt slightly, it should not be cause for concern.

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Do bearded dragons like to be pet?

Despite the fact that they are solitary creatures, the majority of bearded dragons love socializing with their owners. Most of the time, they enjoy being hugged or having their cheeks, chin, or forehead scratched. Some people will pull away or turn their beard black, but if you put them down and try again later, they may change their mind and accept your offer.

Are bearded dragons cuddly?

Although bearded dragons as lizards are not inherently friendly creatures, with a little patience and time, they may become accustomed to the presence of humans in their environment on a regular basis. In the presence of their closest companions, bearded dragons are known to be loving and pleasant in their interactions.

What is the cheapest lizard?

The fact is that, despite the fact that bearded dragons as lizards are not typically friendly creatures, they frequently become accustomed to the presence of humans in their daily lives with a little patience. In the presence of their closest companions, bearded dragons are not uncommon to display affection and sweetness.

How much are bearded dragon vet bills?

Veterinary care is an important cost to consider when owning a pet of any kind. Depending on the veterinarian, an office visit can cost anywhere from $25 to more than $100, and that’s before the expense of any tests, treatments, or drugs that your bearded dragon may require.

What is the best beginner lizard?


  • Due to their tiny size and ease of maintenance, Leopard Geckos are often considered to be the perfect lizard for beginning lizard keepers. For the newbie reptile enthusiast, bearded dragons are perhaps the most difficult of the species featured here, mostly owing to the equipment required to care for them.
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Are bearded dragons for beginners?

The sociable Bearded Dragon is an excellent reptile for folks who are just getting started with reptiles. The fact that they have gentle temperaments makes them reasonably easy to care for and handle.

Are bearded dragons color blind?

Many people believe that the bearded dragon is colorblind. This is not true. To tell the truth, bearded dragons are not colorblind when it comes to their eyesight. These critters have excellent eyesight in both eyes and are able to distinguish between more colors than humans. People have three color receptors on their skin, but bearded dragons have four (tetra-chromatic).

How long do bearded dragons live?

How to take care of your bearded dragon. Bearded dragons, sometimes known as ‘beardies,’ are among the most popular reptiles kept in captivity in the United Kingdom. They have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, and in some cases even longer, so they require a significant investment of time and resources. It is critical that they are maintained in a manner that is as close to the natural environment as possible.

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