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Lizard Who Smells Like Oranges? (Best solution)

The true thief is a lizard by the name of Stingtail, who lives on the south beach and smells like oranges. He is constantly sleeping and can be found on the south beach. You may either persuade Stingtail to hand over Griff’s supplies, or you can compel him to do so.

How do you rescue Amyro?

He may be seen roaming around or sleeping in the bedroll at the little camp to the west of the Cavern entrance, which is where he can be seen most of the time. You can either kill Stingtail to obtain the Oranges or take them from him if you can’t persuade him to hand them up. Please keep in mind that if Sebille is with you, she will wish to murder him. Bring the oranges to Griff and hand them over to Amyro, who is now free.

What happens if you kill Stingtail?

He will occasionally refuse to drop his skill books after being murdered by Sebille, and this is a problem. This has been resolved by ensuring that he is spoken to and traded with, or that an attempt is made to take from him, before he is murdered.

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Should I give Griff the oranges?

Though you take the orange and then return to Griff, he will not allow you to finish the mission unless you give him the pills, even if you have already taken them from the oranges itself. If you refuse, the entire camp becomes hostile. By returning his Drudanae, he will liberate the elf and this mission will be completed successfully.

Where can I find griffs oranges?

Amyro and Griff are both in the kitchen section of Fort Joy, and Griff is nearby (in the cage). Saheila is in the Caverns, which are located south of Fort Joy. Griff will ask you to locate the lost materials, and meeting with Amyro after speaking with Griff will provide you with a hint as to where to look (Oranges).

How do you deal with Griff?

Tips for beginners:

  1. Concentrate on one character and, after the physical armor has been removed, stun them. Purchase new abilities (of course). Stunt abilities.
  2. You can boost your character while he or she is engaged in a discourse, but the buff will not begin to tick until the player exits the conversation. Griff is a difficult opponent.

Should I let Sebille talk to Stingtail?

To begin, you must talk with the Dreamer, Stingtail, who can be found in Fort Joy. Additionally, if you inform Griff Stingtail that he was the thief during the quest: The Imprisoned Elf, you will be unable to progress further in this quest. So either let Sebille murder him first, or don’t reveal the thief’s identify to Griff until after he’s dead.

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How do I find my Lohse demon name?

He directs you to slay a demon known as The Advocate and to discover the identity of the demon that seized Loshe’s body. Speaking with Ancestor Tree can provide you with further information on his given name. Go to the Bloodmoon Island Archives to learn more. That information may be found in the Archivist’s Journal, which can be found in that location.

Is it bad if Lora died?

Sir Lora is a squirrel, as you may have guessed. He will accompany you till you reach Fort Joy beach, but he will not take part in the battle. Sir Lora is being transported on the back of a skeleton cat named Quercus. If Sir Lora passes away, he will continue to accompany you in spirit form.

What is Buddy’s key for?

Once all of the parts have been discovered, the key may be used to open a magical door, allowing Buddy to come to the school and visit the students.

Where can I find Saheila’s people?

The elf tribe may be found to the north of Driftwood. This group of people is in a tiny clearing on a hill, about 15 seconds’ walk straight east from the Driftwood Fields waypoint on the trail. Finding them completes this section of the quest and allows you to begin Burial Rites.

How do you escape Fort joy Amyro?

Return the fruit and turn the lizard back into its hole. You and your fellow party members can determine whether or not the thief deserves to be punished. Amyro will be released if you inform the guy on Stingtail about your discovery. You will then be able to communicate with him, and the elf will reveal the location of the hidden passageway out of Fort Joy to you.

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What is Drudanae used for?

A description of Drudanae is provided below. Drudanae is an unlawful plant that was once used for healing and ceremonies, but is now prohibited owing to its extremely addictive nature. The fact that it has such a positive impact on the brain means that it is still being taken for recreational purposes. Users have described it as invigorating, soothing, and capable of lowering the mind’s processing speed.

Where is butter in Arx?

To the west of Arx, on an island that is connected to the south of Kemm’s Mansion, is where you will discover her. She seems to have perished as a result of a combat with a voidwoken. If you had a pleasant conversation with her at Fort Joy, you would have said something like, “Her face seems familiar.”

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