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What Lizard In Virginia Looks Like A Blue Tailed Skink? (Solution found)

Plestiodon fasciatus, or Common Five-lined Skink, is a species of skink found in North America.

Common Name: Common Five-lined Skink
Scientific Name: Plestiodon fasciatus
Genus: Plestiodon is derived from the Greek words pleistos meaning “most” and odontos meaning “teeth”. Plestiodon = Toothy Skinks.


What looks like a lizard but has a blue tail?

A lizard with a brilliant blue tail is difficult to overlook in the wild. The blue-tailed skink, commonly known as the western skink, is a small, brightly colored reptile with a long tail (Plestiodon skiltonianus). Diurnal, or active during the day and sleeping at night, blue-tailed skinks are found in tropical and subtropical climates.

Are there blue tailed skinks in Virginia?

Note: All lizards in the genus Plestiodon that are endemic to Virginia and have brilliant blue tails as juveniles or subadults may be identified by their vivid blue tails. Note: All lizards in the genus Plestiodon that are endemic to Virginia and have brilliant blue tails as juveniles or subadults may be identified by their vivid blue tails.

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What skinks live in Virginia?

The common five-lined skink is the most frequent lizard seen in and near residential areas. There are two more closely related and similar-appearing species, the southeastern five-lined skink and the broad-headed skink, which are also found in the southeastern United States. The youngsters of these three species are distinguished by the presence of a brilliant blue tail.

How can you tell a lizard from a skink?

According to this definition, a lizard is any reptile belonging to the order Squamata, usually having four legs, external ear openings, movable eyelids, and a long slender body and tail, while a skink is a lizard belonging to the Scincidae family, usually having small or reduced limbs or none at all, and long tails that are regenerated when shed, or a skink can be either of the two (obsolete)

Is a blue-tailed skink poisonous?

According to the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, the bite of a blue-tailed skink poses no concern to people because the animal is not venomous and there has never been a documented case of a skink inflicting enduring harm to an adult or a kid in the past. Having saying that, the bite may be quite painful.

What is the difference between a salamander and a skink?

Skinks and salamanders are sometimes mistaken, although they are two very distinct sorts of creatures that require quite different care and management. Skinks are reptiles, much like snakes, turtles, and crocodiles, but salamanders are amphibians, just like frogs and toads.

What does an adult skink look like?

The background color of the body is usually gray, brown, or black, with five white or yellowish stripes running along it (two on each side and one down the center of the back). Individual adult males frequently have bigger orange heads with strong jaws, while females tend to fade to a uniform gray or brown color.

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Are there anoles in Virginia?

The Green Anole is a type of tree-dwelling insect that may be found in the state of Virginia. Its hue ranges from green to brown, and it has a tall, pointed head with ridges between the eyes on the back of its skull. However, despite the fact that the males are fiercely territorial and would attack their reflection, they make excellent pets and are rather easy to nurture.

Are there venomous lizards in Virginia?

Only two species are known to be poisonous (the Beaded Lizard of Mexico and the Gila Monster of the Southwest and Mexico ). The state of Virginia is home to nine species of native lizards, six of which may be found in Northern Virginia, according to the Virginia Wildlife Resources Agency. All of our species are predators, and they all lay eggs.

Are skinks in Virginia?

Common Five-Lined Skinks can be found in Virginia’s woodland areas around rotting stumps, outcrops of rock, and occasionally heaps of boards or sawdust, among other things.

Are Virginia skinks poisonous?

Because there are no deadly skinks in the globe, getting bitten or stung by one will not be a concern. My grandkids capture them on a regular basis and are periodically bitten by them. When collecting a skink, the most difficult element is not grabbing the tail, which may be quite tough to do.

Are skinks good to have around?

Skinks make ideal garden companions, thanks to their sleek bodies and rapid reflexes, which make them good bug hunters. The presence of skinks will aid in the management of crickets, moths, and cockroaches. When a skink senses that a bird or other predator is going to strike, it will lower its tail, which will continue to wiggle madly.

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Are blue tailed skinks salamanders?

Is that a skink or a salamander? Some people refer to a blue-tailed skink as a blue-tailed lizard, while others refer to it as a blue-tailed salamander. Despite the fact that lizards and salamanders appear to be the same, they are not. According to Reptile Magazine, lizards and skinks are considered reptiles, whereas salamanders are considered amphibians.

Are lizards and skinks the same?

Skinks are lizards that are members of the Scincidae family, which is a subfamily of the infraorder Scincomorpha. The family Scincidae contains more than 1,500 known species spread across 100 different taxonomic groups, making it one of the most varied lizard families on the planet.

What is the difference between geckos and skinks?

Compared to geckos, skinks have a more slender build, with narrow heads and small eyes, a short neck that is nearly as broad as the head, and scales on the surface of the skin that are smooth, glossy, and fish-like in appearance.

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