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Where Can I Sell My Lizard? (Best solution)

If you’re looking to sell your bearded dragon, pet stores, breeders, or an internet posting service are the best options.

  • The Bearded Dragon.
  • Craigslist.
  • PetCo/PetSmart/Local Pet Stores.
  • Find A Breeder.
  • Post On Forums.
  • The Bearded Dragon.

Where can I give my lizard away?


  • Specialty.
  • Beach Cities Reptile Rescue Lizards and Turtles.
  • California Turtle & Tortoise Club Turtles.
  • Creepy Critters Rescue All Reptiles.
  • Desert Tortoise Rescue Turtles.
  • Exceptional Exotic Rescue Lizards.
  • IReptile Rescue All Reptiles.
  • Mclovins Creatures and Rescue All Reptiles.
  • Mclovins Creatures and Rescue All Reptiles

How much do lizards sell for?

An average lizard may be purchased for between $15 to $150, which is a decent price in most cases.

What website can I sell my bearded dragon?

Individuals, breeders, and pet retailers may now post and sell their bearded dragons on the website

Can you make money selling reptiles?

A reptile breeder’s income can range from nothing to thousands of dollars depending on how effectively they manage their finances, the rarity of the species being produced, and the quality of care given to the hatchlings during the breeding process.

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How do I sell my bearded dragon?

If you’re looking to sell your bearded dragon, pet stores, breeders, or an internet posting service are the best options.

  1. The Bearded Dragon.
  2. Craigslist.
  3. PetCo/PetSmart/Local Pet Stores.
  4. Find A Breeder.
  5. Post On Forums.
  6. The Bearded Dragon.

Does Petco take unwanted reptiles?

Many Petcos are now collaborating with small animal and reptile rescue organizations to ensure that their creatures are available for adoption rather than for sale. Petco’s policy is to not turn away an animal that has been adopted or sold out, regardless of the circumstances. If you are unable to keep your rabbit, for example, Petco will return the animal to you and attempt to rehome it with another family.

Who can I give my reptile to?

1. Make a phone call to your local Humane Society or SPCA. They can point you in the direction of a reputable reptile/amphibian group that can assist you. Some of these rescues and shelters do take in some sorts of exotic animals, but they are mostly restricted to tiny mammals and rodents under their care.

Will PetSmart take unwanted pets?

As of 2021, PetSmart will no longer accept or rehome any animals of any species. In lieu of this, PetSmart customers can rehome their dog, cat, or other small pets at local animal shelters or pet rescue organizations. Additionally, if a pet was purchased at one of PetSmart’s locations, the company will not accept the animal for surrender.

Does pets at home sell reptiles?

Pets at Home is pleased to offer a selection of reptiles that may be purchased as a pet in a number of our locations nationwide. You may check through our collection online to get some ideas, but you should also conduct your own research to ensure that a gecko is the suitable pet for your household before making the decision to purchase one.

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What is the cheapest lizard you can buy?

Green Anoles are tiny, measuring around 5-8 inches in length, and have a limited life span of three to six years, compared to other species. They are often fairly affordable, with prices ranging from $10 to less than $20. This is a fantastic reptile for beginners who want to learn about lizard maintenance but don’t want to handle them too much because they’re little and delicate.

How much can I sell a bearded dragon for?

Bearded dragons may range in price from $40 to $900 depending on their size. Color and morph are the two most crucial elements to consider. Bearded dragons for sale may be found through pet stores, private breeders, and reptile expos, among other places. A normal Beardie will cost you $40 if you purchase it from a pet shop.

Can I give my bearded dragon to PetSmart?

Birds. PetSmart sells a variety of small animals and reptiles, including guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, mice, rats, certain geckos, bearded dragons, particular types of snakes, specific types of frogs, and specified types of birds. Other non-venomous reptiles are available for purchase.

Are red bearded dragons rare?

Birds. A variety of small animals and reptiles are available for purchase at PetSmart, including but not limited to: hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils; mice; rats; certain geckos; bearded dragons; specific types of snakes; specific types of frogs; and specific types of birds. Other non-venomous reptiles are also available.

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