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Where Is The Lizard In Crystal Sands On Animal Jam?


Species Location
Basilisk Lizard The western waterfall at the left of the Mt. Shiveer pathway; on the rocks and running across to the bushes near the Pet Wash (Moving).
Flamingo Bathing next to the Bahari Bay dock to the left. It is standing next to the rock formed over the water (Still).


Where is Crystal Sands in Animal Jam?

Crystal Sands is a beach-themed facility in Jamaa that features waterslides and other water park-themed activities, including a lazy river.

Where is the sea snake in Animal Jam?

The sea snake is nowhere to be seen in Animal Jam. It is positioned in the barrel that has been flipped over, halfway between the left and right halves of the sunken ship (Moving). It may be seen swimming from the entrance of Tierney’s Aquarium to the shredded sails of the ship wreck every now and then (Moving).

How do you complete the journey book on animal jam?

In order to complete the book, Jammers must locate and click on the exact species, objects, or features indicated on the page for the location on which they are now located. Participants will receive a gift once a page has been finished. After finding and clicking on something in their Journey Books, new Jammers are granted access to their Journey Books.

Where is the bird in Animal Jam coral canyons?

It will take to the air on a limb of the enormous tree to the right of the Den Shop, which is located in the southwest (Moving). It will be on the left, right down the hill from the bridge and beside the waterfall (Still).

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